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Micail Swindells

Hailing from England, Micail brings not only exceptional culinary talent but also a warmth that resonates with everyone he meets. With a rich background spanning 17 Michelin-starred kitchens and accolades like winning the prestigious MYBA charter show chef competition, his journey showcases dedication and skill. Renowned for innovation and refined taste, Micail enriches our close-knit chef community. His strong ongoing collaboration with Maison del Gusto further enhances our culinary network.

Starting at 16, Micail enrolled in Catering College after school, diving boldly into the culinary world. With classical training and NVQ qualifications, he quickly joined a 2-rosette French bistro. After two years of refining skills, his passion led him to London’s top Michelin-starred restaurants like Texture, Chez Bruce, and Orrery, learning under pioneering chefs.

At 23, Micail became Head Chef at ‘Devonshire Terrace’. He expanded his expertise through short stints at restaurants like Gordon Ramsay’s, enhancing his skills and gaining inspiration. For 9 years, he’s been integral to the yachting industry, excelling in MYBA charter show chef competitions.

In 2017, MYBA invited Micail as an industry professional for the Barcelona charter show, joining the judging panel. Beyond yachting, he spent a decade refining his craft at illustrious restaurants with a collective 18 Michelin stars. Micail’s unwavering commitment continues to shape his culinary journey.

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Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen
September 27, 2023 14:00 - 16:00
Captain & Crew Lounge