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Koji Kimura

In his journey as a restaurateur, three years in, a decline in customers cast a shadow over his establishment. Seeking to rekindle interest, he discovered an innovative approach from an unexpected source — aging exquisite fish.

Due to low foot traffic, the quality of certain fish had deteriorated. Contemplating their disposal, a breakthrough occurred as he prepared the fish: the tissue near the spinal cord retained its essence. Despite an initially unpleasant aroma, this part offered an extraordinary taste. This revelation gave birth to the concept of fish aging — a new dimension in sushi craftsmanship, embraced with the devotion of a timeless ceremony.

While sushi traditionally placed strong emphasis on raw freshness, a new trend champions the art of preparation, reflecting a deep respect for culinary heritage. Aging bridges tradition with modernity, breathing new life into Edo-style sushi. Regular visits to Toyusu, akin to pilgrimages to a revered temple, provide an assortment of fish for his intimate restaurant. There, he meticulously creates a unique dining experience, driven by unwavering dedication. Rather than solely prioritizing freshness, he now embraces aging for up to 60 days, guided by a firm belief in ushering in a new era of sushi that pays homage both to the past and the future.

In this journey, MAISON DEL GUSTO takes immense pride in fostering a special and cherished relationship with Koji Kimura, as his culinary path aligns harmoniously with our shared commitment to excellence.


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Age with Grace: Mastering the Art of Aging Fish
September 28, 2023 14:00 - 16:00
Captain & Crew Lounge