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Will Moffat & Mikael Svensson

Founded in November 2020 by culinary visionaries Will Moffat and Mikael Svensson, b.culture is poised to redefine the Norwegian culinary landscape through its premium offerings.

The genesis of this endeavor stems from recognizing a demand for a specific miso variety and the potential to repurpose byproducts from esteemed establishments like Kontrast, utilizing fermentation. Will’s encounter with Kontrast, celebrated for both its Michelin-star cuisine and sustainability ethos, sparked this idea during his time in Oslo.

United by their shared vision and unwavering dedication, Will and Mikael’s paths converged naturally over time. Will’s experience as a sous chef at Hrimnir Ramen, pioneering innovative fermentation techniques, fueled their commitment to address the issue of food waste.

b.culture harmonizes local collaboration with global techniques, transforming byproducts into exclusive, repurposed premium items. Prioritizing accessibility, their goal is to make these offerings available to a broader audience across Norway.

Sustainability is intrinsic to b.culture’s essence. Through meticulous attention to detail and culinary finesse, they blend unique gastronomy, premium creations, sustainable practices, seasonality, fermentation, and collaborative innovation. B.culture’s exceptional products resonate with the preferences of online consumers, delivering a gratifying and eco-conscious dining experience.

In partnership with Maison del Gusto as the exclusive distributor, b.culture seamlessly blends culinary excellence with sustainability. This collaboration epitomizes their dedication to revolutionizing Norway’s culinary narrative by offering remarkable, accessible, and environmentally conscious gastronomic delights.


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September 28, 2023 10:00 - 12:00
Captain & Crew Lounge