/  Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen

Super Yacht Chef Micail Swindells (M/Y GO)

Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen

Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen

With Micail Swindells | Head Chef - M/Y My Go

Embark on a culinary journey like no other!

We’re thrilled to present our exclusive MAISON DEL GUSTO Masterclass @ CClounge during MYS 2023, where the enchanting world of Nitrogen Cooking will be revealed by the talented chef and friend Micail Sindwills. Join us on September 27th to explore the innovative techniques that liquid nitrogen brings to the table, crafting dishes that are visually mesmerizing and incredibly flavorful.

From the delicate burrata snow that graces our tomato dish, achieved through rapid chilling that shapes textures like bubbly foams and airy mousses, to crafting ice cream masterpieces with vibrant colors and smooth textures, Nitrogen Cooking offers endless possibilities. Delve into the alchemy of nitro meringues, creating an array of textures that surprise and delight with every bite. Experience the captivating tableside theater as aromatic fog emerges, all thanks to the room-temperature evaporation of liquid nitrogen.

Join us at the MAISON DEL GUSTO Masterclass and unlock the secrets of Nitrogen Cooking with Micail Sindwills. This is your opportunity to elevate your culinary expertise and explore the magic of liquid nitrogen in an exclusive event tailored for yacht chefs. Limited spaces available.

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Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen
with Super Yacht Chef Micail Swindells (MY GO)

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 | 14:00 - 16:00