/  Age with Grace: Mastering the Art of Aging Fish

With 2 Michelin Star Chef Koji Kimura

Age with Grace: Mastering the Art of Aging Fish

Age with Grace:
Mastering the Art of Aging Fish

With Two Michelin Star Chef Koji Kimura

Immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted artistry of Two Michelin Star Chef Koji Kimura — a true culinary legend celebrated for his unrivaled mastery. This Monaco Yacht Show, bear witness to his exceptional culinary brilliance at an event of global significance, where reverence for ingredients, ceremonial precision, and Kimura’s guiding beliefs converge.

Experience Culinary Mastery: The MAISON DEL GUSTO / Kimura Masterclass

High-Respect Ingredients (10 mins): Begin with the discovery of premium fish selection—an homage to Kimura’s profound respect for ingredients. This journey is complemented by Maison del Gusto’s exclusive partnership, celebrating high-caliber culinary craftsmanship. Explore factors like freshness, sustainability, and seasonality.

Impeccable Preparation (45 mins): Immerse yourself in Kimura’s culinary finesse as you explore impeccable seafood preparation techniques. Delve deep into the art of scaling, gutting, and filleting—an embodiment of Kimura’s commitment to perfection.

Ageing Elegance (45 mins): Embark on the journey of fish ageing—a realm where Kimura’s expertise truly shines. Learn about the transformative process that bestows nuanced flavors upon aged fish, offering a culinary experience that transcends borders.

Sensory Symphony (30 mins): Engage in an enlightening tasting session, where Kimura’s expertise takes center stage. Experience the enchantment of his Michelin-starred sushi and the intricate art of presentation, an echo of his ceremonial approach to gastronomy.

Expert Exchange (15 mins): Engage in a dynamic and enlightening session—a unique opportunity to delve into Kimura’s beliefs and culinary journey. This interactive dialogue embodies his unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

Farewell & Future (5 mins): Conclude with sincere gratitude and an invitation to remain connected as we continue our shared exploration of culinary brilliance.

Join us for an extraordinary convergence of tradition, innovation, and expertise.
Limited spaces available for this exclusive Maison del Gusto partnership.

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Age with Grace:
Mastering the Art of Aging Fish with 2 Michelin star Chef Koji Kimura

Thursday, 28 September 2023 | 14:00 - 16:00